I'm Max! I'm a masc NB (he/him currently preferred!) furry artist!
I primarily do 2D digital art, but I also sometimes do 3D models for VRC!

Q & A

What programs do you use?
I use clip studio paint (on a 2018 ipad) for my 2D art and blender to make my 3D models

What shaders do you use on your models?
I use poiyomi toon shaders!

Are your commissions (still) open?
I sometimes am not the best at updating my commission status, but a rule of thumb is if the commission form is open (which you should use, please!) then that generally means I am open for commissions.

When are you next opening for 3D model commissions?
I'm sorry but I really can't say at the moment. I hope to at least semi-regularly open for them in the future, but I'm not in a mentally stable enough situation to work on big projects like that currently.

Can I draw you fanart / gift art?
You are Very welcome to draw me gift art! Just please tag me or send it to me directly so I can see! (and also, this should come without saying but please keep it SFW!) My primary fursona design's references can be found here!